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Collegiate Academy & Dual Credit

The Collegiate Academy is an innovative program being offered at Lake Dallas High School. The Academy allows 9th and 10th grade students with demonstrated outstanding academic performance and capability to enroll in specific Dual Credit courses designated by their high schools.  In addition, the Dual Credit program at NCTC provides an opportunity for eligible juniors, and seniors in high school to enroll in college-level courses.  Students can earn both college credit AND high school credit simultaneously by taking NCTC classes at any NCTC campus and/or at their high school and/or online.


  • Dual credit students are enrolled into actual college courses and are therefore treated as college students for those courses
  • Missing any deadline for dual credit will result in not being able to register for courses in the upcoming semester.
  • Dual credit dates, events, deadlines, etc. will be communicated with the student
  • Each semester, students must communicate with their counselor regarding courses they are wanting to register in for the upcoming semester by the specified deadline.
  • Dual credit students need to reach out to their counselor and request information on how to join the Dual Credit Remind 101 group.


  • Deadline to complete application process for new DC students and registration process for continuing DC students is October 31 for spring and March 31 for summer and fall.


Mission of Dual Credit at NCTC: The Dual Credit Program provides a collegiate experience and pathway for exceptional high school students who are college bound and who meet eligibility requirements to successfully bridge from high school to college.

Vision of Dual Credit: Students in the Dual Credit Program experience the rigor of college level courses, obtain high school and college credit simultaneously, and acquire the confidence to succeed academically and socially in the college level learning environment.

For more information about the Dual Credit Program at LDHS, click here

TSI score requirements for dual credit.  TSI Score Chart

If you are interested, have never taken Dual Credit before, or just have general questions about the Dual Credit Program, please see your Counselor.

A - D 


 Jenifer Lovejoy 

E - MM


 Brittany Dinsmore

MN - Z


 Stephanie Canales

All 9th Grade


 Lyndsey Shaw


NCTC Contacts

Susan Cooper - NCTC Dual Credit Director

May Dobbs - NCTC Dual Credit Coordinator                                                                                                                                                                         

Scholarship Opportunity 

  • This opportunity is for Dual Credit students only. 
  •  Complete a General Application.  Your application will be automatically matched to ALL scholarships for which you are eligible based on the criteria of the scholarship.

    There may be additional scholarships you are eligible for that may require you to answer a few more questions.  To get to those scholarships you must complete your General Application and THEN click on the recommended button.  If any additional scholarships exist, it will take you to an additional list of scholarships for which you may apply by answering more questions or completing the donor required essay.

    If you have already completed the General Application, you may update information in your application to be considered for spring awards.

  • To apply for scholarships, complete a General Application. To access the General Application new users Sign Up and existing users Sign In. After the General Application is submitted, you are automatically matched to scholarship opportunities for which you immediately qualify. No further action is required for these auto-matched scholarships. However, if you see a Recommended" under Opportunities, click on it and it will take you to an additional list of scholarships for which you may apply by answering more questions or completing the donor required essay.  For additional instructions see the Scholarship Application Guide.

Lake Dallas and NCTC MOU

Lake Dallas MOU

Lake Dallas Dual Credit Course Offerings

Dual Credit Courses Offered

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NCTC Scholarships

Apply Texas Instructions

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